Numerous support options exist for getting help with your classes. If you have not explored the tutoring option, please see Tutoring. In addition to tutoring, students can access online tutorials focusing on reading, writing and math through your local campus Learning Center as well as visiting the following web sites for additional resources for math, writing and science.

Also, check with your local campus for available workshops and other on-site multimedia options (DVDs, CDs) to assist with course work.

Study Skills and Test Preparation

Need help preparing for the next test? Need tips for stronger study skills? Tutors are available to assist with exam prep, time management and study skills. You may also check out the resources listed below.

Test, Certification, and Licensure Exam Preparation
Baker's Learning Express Library Database provides a wealth of testing preparation materials with several practice exams and tutorials including math, reading, writing, law enforcement, education nursing, allied health, and many more. Many of the occupational segments offer practice tests for both the pre-professional entrance exams and the licensure/certification exams.

How to
Helpful information on how to prepare and set goals, how to get and work with information, and how to take tests and handle anxiety.



Academic Skills Online
Videos developed by the Centre for Student Development at McMaster University focusing on how to effectively study, time management, note taking, test prep, avoiding procrastination, problem solving, writing, and more!

How to Study - Dartmouth
Tips from Dartmouth on how and where to study, including ways to improve your concentration and memory.

Dartmouth Academic Skills Center
Learning strategy videos on note taking, time management, reading improvement, test prep, and stress management.

Videos for Test Taking Strategies
The Google search has already been done for you. Check out these videos for test taking strategies.

Study Guides and Strategies
Strategies and helpful handouts on many topics including time management, studying, memorizing, reading and more.

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Math Resources

Web-based suite of skill-building activities for reading, writing, and math.

Math Tutorials
View video of step-by-step explanations of math concepts such as dividing polynomials, slope, slope-intercept, etc.

InterAct Math
Tutorial exercises that supplement Pearson math textbooks with interactive guided solutions ("Help Me Solve This") and sample problems ("View an Example"). Click herePDF for instructions on using InterAct Math.

Khan Academy Math Videos
Khan Academy provides thousands of instructional videos on basic math, pre-algebra, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus, and more.

Math videos on basic math, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus and more.

Videos and digital media covering arithmetic, algebra, geometry, calculus, statistics, probability and more.

That Quiz - Math Test Activities
Practice quizzes in various levels of math provide instant feedback on accuracy.

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Reading and Writing Resources

Web-based suite of skill-building activities for reading, writing, and math.
Web-based tool to help students avoid plagiarism.

Additional Llinks to Writing and Research Resources

The Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL)
Purdue's Online Writing Lab offers over 200 free resources for writing, research, grammar and mechanics, style guides and more.

Guide to Grammar and Writing
Extensive resources on grammar and writing at the sentence level, paragraph level, essay and research level and more. (Provided by Professor Charles Darling and the Capital Community College Foundation)

Dr. Grammar
Frequently asked questions, grammar and writing resources plus more from the University of Northern Iowa.

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Science Resources

The Virtual Body
Virtual Body maps of the brain, skeleton, human heart, and digestive system.

That Quiz
Quiz yourself on human anatomy, cell structure, elements, plus more - provides instant feedback on accuracy.

Web Site Links for Anatomy and Physiology
Find more helpful anatomy and physiology resources on Baker's Research Guide page.

Videos and digital media covering Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Earth Science and more.

Khan Academy
Khan Academy provides thousands of instructional videos on biology, chemistry, organic chemistry, and more.

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