Lean Six Sigma Overview

Baker College has adopted Continuous Quality Improvement as our 11th Guiding Principle.  While the drive for improvement has always been central in our operations, the endorsement of continuous quality improvement as a guiding principle was seen as a milestone in our own growth and development.  The principle of CQI provides an aspirational goal, but left the College without specific tools and methods to reach our improvement goal.  In 2012, the College selected the philosophy of Lean Six Sigma as the specific management model to be used to drive our efforts. Lean Six Sigma provides not only a framework to help understand how to reach improvement goals, but also provides specific tools and techniques to be used along the way. 

From this page, stakeholders in the Baker College community can access archival material on past Lean Six Sigma projects as well as training and support materials.  These materials are not intended to be an exhaustive review of everything we have done, or provide everything someone needs to know to be successful with Lean Six Sigma. It is hoped that the material provided presents an accurate picture of our work and accomplishments.  


For more information about AQIP at Baker College, contact:

Mike Tyler, PhD
AQIP Liaison
Phone: (810) 766-4329
E-mail: aqip@baker.edu

 Lean Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma