Academic Quality Improvement Program (AQIP)*

Baker College is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Schools and Colleges.  The Higher Learning Commission provides an opportunity for us to maintain our accreditation through a continuous quality improvement process referred to as the Academic Quality Improvement Program or AQIP.  Baker College joined AQIP in 2006 and has worked steadily to improve its academic offerings and support programs through this process.  In the fall of 2009, Baker College created a video presentation  to update all interested individuals in the work we have done as well as work that is planned for 2010 and beyond.

Vital Focus

As part of the process of joining AQIP, an institution must perform a self-assessment of itself to provide the basis for determining action projects to support quality improvement efforts. Baker College contracted with the Higher Learning Commission to use the Vital Focus process. In the first phase of Vital Focus, over 1,300 faculty, staff, and administrators responded to the Constellation Survey. The results of the survey were used by over 1,000 faculty, staff, and administrators at two Conversation Days in August 2006.

Action Projects

AQIP requires that each institution actively pursue three-four quality improvement action projects. The results from Vital Focus were used to guide the selection of quality improvement action projects that the college launched in March 2007. As action projects are completed, the college will select replacement projects. Project updates are due to the Higher Learning Commission every September 15.

The current Baker College Action Projects are:

2010 Updates

2009 Updates

2008 Updates

2007 Updates

Systems Portfolio

The Systems Portfolio is a public portfolio describing fundamental institutional systems including the context, processes, results, and improvement in each system. The portfolio also shows evidence that the institution continues to meet the Higher Learning Commission's five Criteria for Accreditation. Baker College's portfolio is due May 1, 2010. 

Baker College Systems Portfolio Guide


For more information about AQIP at Baker College, contact:

Mike Tyler, PhD
AQIP Liaison
Baker College System
1050 West Bristol Road
Flint, MI 48507-9843
Phone: (810) 766-4329
Toll Free: (800) 469-3165
Fax: (810) 766-2003

*Additional information on the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools and AQIP.